Our Team

DM Heidi Dötterer-Rieg

Many years of experience in aesthetic facial and body treatment (at university hospitals in Essen, Tübingen and Zurich) give Dr Dötterer-Rieg the skill to find effective solutions to meet your skin’s unique needs. She focuses on offering an optimal combination of medical treatment and specialist aesthetic treatment. As an expert in your skin’s beauty, she follows the highest quality standards, takes a holistic approach and makes use of the latest scientific findings.

She focuses on minimally invasive treatments (such as injections with fillers and Botox or laser treatments) and non-invasive treatments (such as various scrubs and cosmeceuticals). She is a member of the German Dermatological Society (DDG), the German Dermatological Academy (DDA), the Lipolysis Network, the Mesotherapy Network, and the Association of Aesthetics and Dermatology Institutes.

"Your skin’s beauty is our passion."


Sabrina Martin

Ms Martin is a Cidesco-certified cosmetician. Ms Martin has many years' experience giving treatments in up-scale cosmetic institutes and as a freelancer. In addition, she has extensive experience in providing quasi-medical cosmetic treatments as part of her collaboration with the practice of DM Heidi Dötterer-Rieg. In addition to conventional cosmetic treatments, Ms Martin specialises in laser hair removal, mesotherapy, and medical foot treatments. Ms Martin is fluent in German and English.

"For me, it’s particularly important that my clients feel comfortable with us from the first to the last minute."


Joanna Kalinowska

Joanna Kalinowska earned a master's degree in cosmetology after five years of training. Ms. Kalinowska has accumulated extensive experience in upscale cosmetic treatment at home and abroad. Mrs. Kalinowska speaks German, Polish and English.

"For me it is important to develop further continuously and especially in cosmetics I want to be on the cutting edge of things, because: If you stop becoming better, you have ceased to be good."


Eva Klütsch

Eva Klütsch is a state-certified podiatrist/chiropodist and your specialist for beautiful and healthy feet. Eva Klütsch has several years experience in podiatric treatment. Her range of services includes of course all morbid Nail and Foot changes, she can if necessary draw back on the expertise of the doctors from the dermatological clinic. Ms Klütsch also has extensive experience in the treatment of diabetics. The aesthetic pedicure is of course part of her treatment offering. Her range of treatments is rounded off by the foot reflexology to activate your self-healing and deep relaxation. Ms Klütsch speaks German and English.

"My goal is to confidently respond to your individual needs and to find solutions to existing foot problems and to relieve you of your pain sensitivly in a relaxed atmosphere."