Our team

DM Heidi Dötterer-Rieg

Many years of experience in aesthetic facial and body treatment (work at university hospitals in Essen, Tübingen and Zurich) enable Dr. med. Heidi Dötterer-Rieg always find individual effective solutions for the needs of your skin. It relies on the optimal combination of medical therapy and medical specialist cosmetics. The highest quality standards, a holistic view and the latest scientific findings make her an expert for your skin beauty.

Her focus is on minimally invasive treatments (e.g. injections with fillers and botox, laser) and non-invasive treatments (e.g. various peelings, cosmeceuticals).

"Skin aesthetics is our passion."

Tanja Gehrig

Ms. Gehrig is a trained beautician. She has many years of experience at the interface between cosmetics and medicine. She skilfully leads among other things fruit acid peels, microdermabrasions, radio frequency treatments, treatments for fat reduction, microneedlings. She is also a proven expert in hydrafacial treatments.

"My goal is to care for your skin in a healthy way and to let it shine in its own naturalness!"

Deviana Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a trained beautician with many years of experience in medical cosmetics. As a skin expert with medical expertise, she looks at your needs as a whole and draws up a therapy plan tailored to your needs. Ms. Johnson is fluent in English.

"My goal is to give you solution-oriented, lasting results for all-round healthy skin at any age - that's the real key to more radiance and self-love!"

Eva Klütsch

As a state-recognized podiatrist, Ms. Klütsch is your specialist for beautiful and healthy feet. She has several years of experience in podiatric treatment. Her range of services includes all pathological nail and foot changes, and she can also access the competence of our dermatologists if necessary. Ms. Klütsch also has extensive experience in the treatment of diabetics.

"My goal is to respond confidently to your individual needs, to find solutions to existing foot problems and to relieve you of your pain in a relaxed atmosphere!"

Gordana Philippi

With more than 20 years of experience in cosmetics, our team member Ms. Phillipi is one of our most experienced employees. Her hobby is skin renewal through fruit acid peels and microneedelings. She has a keen sense for every skin condition and is able to provide comprehensive advice, perfect care and thus make the most of your skin type.

"My goal is to get so much out of medical cosmetics that your treatment and the associated home care will quickly make you completely happy again!"

Ruzanna Sargsyan

Ruzanna Sargsyan is a state-recognized podiatrist and has several years of experience in the podological treatment of all pathological foot and nail changes. The exact setting of nail clips is also her speciality and rounds off her podiatric offer perfectly. She is also fluent in Russian and Armenian and has a good knowledge of English.

"My goal is to combine my technical expertise with medical know-how and empathy to give you and your feet well-being!

Christina Sterl

Ms. Sterl is a trained beautician with extensive cosmetic experience and a special aesthetic look. Standstill is a bad word for her, that's why she keeps training and is on the cutting edge for you. Ms. Sterl is constantly looking for new, even better treatment methods. Her broad cosmetic experience and close cooperation with our dermatologists helps her.

“My goal is to find creative ways with you that lead to a new feeling of well-being with a certain glow factor